endegor (nikolai_endegor) wrote,

Расправь крылья

Несколько понравившихся мне снимков о несуществующих и в то же время реальных крыльях (с сайта deviantart.com)

I give you wings and sell you fame by Alfred Georg Weissenegger

Splash frog by karling69

When Jake was eight by DerekCook

The wings of desire. I've still so much to do by chriseastmids

Tree 40 by Hengki24

Far far away by fly10

1 by Nikkor9
1 by nikkor9

Angel's Wings by AbandonedZone

Wings by Jazer

79259 by aleksandra88

Wings by ChadRouthier

Succubus by vpotemkin

Be-winged by pro-non

Heaven's Door by bosniak

Phoenix's flight by jockk
phoenix's flight part3 by jockk

Wings to Fly by jenniferstuber

SEEthru II by fionafoto

Wings by S-t-r-a-n-g-e

Snow Angel by girltripped

Spread Your Wings by CapturingTheNight

Tags: abstract, photographers, photography, surreal
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